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Mold Remediation – How to Perform Mold Removal Correctly

In every home, business, retail location, industrial production site, or other building or property, mold is a common problem. Mold is a microscopic organism that grows well in damp environments where there is a lot of moisture. The organisms are highly adaptable and can live in many different kinds of conditions. They are particularly found in houses, buildings, and even offices. Mold allergies are very real and can cause serious health concerns. If not addressed promptly, the resulting problems can be very expensive and very difficult to remedy.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the best mold removal company for the job. In every state, there are different kinds of pathogens and mold spores that are known to cause specific types of illnesses and symptoms. So, when choosing the right company, it’s best to know the kind of effect a mold outbreak could have on your property or home, and desire to do all you can to make sure you have easy access to top-quality professional mold remediation and removal services so you can not only eliminate the existing infestation but also solve the underlying issues associated with it. Below, you will find several characteristics of a great company to consider.

* Professional Mold Inspection: As with any other service, a good mold inspection company will take an honest, non-invasive look at the property you have at risk. In addition, they will have the appropriate equipment to get a thorough look at the location and identify the source of moisture. Some mold removal companies may be able to provide additional information beyond the simple visual inspection, like air quality testing and soil sampling. A reputable mold inspection company will provide the assistance you need to address your mold problem.

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* Professional Mold Remediation Companies: All mold removal companies offer some type of remediation process to keep contaminated areas dry and to prevent future occurrences. However, most companies perform two main methods: passive and active. A passive process is the preferred option for many people, as it lessens the potential for negative health impacts. This process is completed by a trained professional who will clean and protect the area while it simultaneously removes spores. On the other hand, an active process will usually involve some form of physical removal, such as heavy cleaning, sealing, or excavation.

* Air Quality Testing: If you are thinking about hiring a mold removal company, it’s important to be aware that there are two major ways that they can test the air quality in your property. One method, called gas chromatography, measures color and odor levels in the air. The second method, air gas permeation, relies on the flow of air throughout the containment area. To determine if these two methods measure accurate air quality, it’s best to hire a certified air quality specialist who will conduct both testing.

* Containment Solution: When you hire a professional mold remediation company, it’s important to fully disclose the nature of the contamination in the area. In particular, it’s crucial to identify what types of organisms are growing and multiplying in your home. Typically, mold grows in dark, damp, and poorly ventilated areas, so it’s important to find a solution to contain contaminated areas. Most companies use plastic sheeting to contain contaminated rooms, but more advanced containment solutions include concrete, stainless steel, or high-tech synthetic material. Depending on the nature of contamination, it may be necessary to remove soil from the area or dispose of waste properly.

Once the mold problem has been identified, it’s important to take the necessary steps to remediate the situation before it gets out of control. By this, we mean to work with the mold removal company to complete any mold remediation steps necessary. For example, if you discover that the mold growth is concentrated in a certain section of your building, it may be necessary to temporarily remove all of that section while continuing to work on de-contamination. This includes cleaning and drying processes, which can sometimes be more time-consuming than the removal itself. In fact, it’s possible that the job could require up to 6 hours. Again, when you hire a professional mold removal company, it’s important to know that they will do their best to complete the drying process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once the mold removal company performs all of its remediation tasks, it will then provide you with a detailed report of their findings. This report will provide you with recommendations for your specific mold removal needs, including what materials (and products) need to be removed and what needs to be cleaned. If you are having difficulty making the remediation on your own, it is important that you engage the services of a mold remediation company to complete this process for you. However, please be aware that remediation work does not occur in every instance. Mold spores can travel throughout your home and can be very difficult to contain once they spread throughout your home.